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Do you have enough money for college? That's a big worry for many students and parents. But by calculating, budgeting and planning your college aid needs, you can find the funds you need for school.

Your first step is estimating how much funds you need. Then review options on where to raise additional money for school.

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You Can Get Up to $45,000 ... 1

... to pay for tuition, housing, computer, and other related college expenses

and pay nothing back until after you
graduate from college.
  • get the money you need in as little as 5 business days
  • have the money sent directly to you, not the college
  • apply for the money you need anytime during the school year

  • earn a $300 graduation award 3
  • pay zero origination fees - that is a big saving 4

The SayStudent Private Student Loan can be your money source for paying college expenses.

  need additional funds for college

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you can link to our private student loan module for a complete information on how private student loans can pay for education.

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  need additional funds for college

Make Sure to Budget Your Spending

Just because you can borrow money doesn't mean you need to spend it all. Be careful with your spending so that you borrow only the money you need.

Our recommendation is to build a budget plan for college. Budget your aid sources and your monthly spending amounts. The budgeting plan will maintain a daily cash position for the academic year.

download our budgeting worksheet to your PC

link to our saystudent center for how to setup your budget: click here


Private Student Loan Information:

1 Undergraduate and graduate borrowers may borrow annually up to the lesser of the cost of attendance or $45,000.

2 Undergraduates and graduates may defer repayment until six months after graduation or ceasing to be enrolled at least half-time. Immediate and interest only repayment options are also available.

3 $300 principal reduction is applied to unpaid principal balance when proof of graduation is received. If outstanding balance is less than $300, balance will be reduced to $0.

4 A repayment finance charge may apply based on credit history.