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The nBuy Shopping Plaza functions as an online mall that has over 1000 stores and product information that address needs for college, home, finance, travel, bargains, education and more.

If you operate a store that fits one of our shopping categories, we invite you to forward your information for review.

The nBuy Shopping Plaza and its affiliated networks at SayPlanning.com and SayLending.com are owned and operated by nBuy Associates of Richmond, Virginia.

nBuy Associates is a business consulting and brokerage unit assisting small- and medium-sized business function like big-business. Services include:

— business strategy
— market planning
— product design and development
— e-commerce development and design
— business valuation
— business brokerage

We likewise maintain a network of business consultants in financial planning, tax planning, market research, and investment analysis.

Visit us at: http://www.nacbb.com

Krayton M Davis
Executive Principal

contact information: kdavis@nbuy.com